Members of the Psychiatric Research Academy are interested in psychiatry and specifically research in psychiatry. Its members are mainly medical students, but also young medical doctors, statisticians, nurses, psychologists and other fields related to mental health.

The Psychiatric Research Academy was founded in June 2012 by Medical Student Niels Okkels and Professor of Psychiatry Povl Munk-Jørgensen. The Academy is currently hosted at Department of Affective Disorders, Aarhus University Hospital, Risskov. The Psychiatric Research Academy in Odense was founded in 2016.

We offer help to find a senior supervisor # Work on a project that you help to define # Thorough preparation before you begin # Participation in a relevant European congress to present your results # Help to establish international contacts # Experienced career guidance and mentorship # Contact with the clinical psychiatric departments.

We expect engagement, commitment and discipline. We also expect you to take your research project to at level likely to be published in an international scientific journal.

See a list of selected publications from the Psychiatric Research Academy

We work on a broad range of projects with collaborators in many different fields. Our interests include register studies on bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder and mortality, traumas and risk of severe mental illness and somatic health in psychiatric patients.

Here you can see which projects we are currently working on

Feel free to contact us on psychiatricacademy@gmail.com if you are interested in joining the group. 

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